Ripon Commonwealth: Successful campaign means Panama film is a go

   Ripon-native Kurt Sensenbrenner spent the last month trying to encourage others to help him fund a documentary he dreamed of making about the need for drinking water in central Panama, and the work Father Wally Kasuboski of Ripon is doing to meet it.

   As of last week Friday, Sensenbrenner reached his goal. 

   With just hours left in the Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign, he reached the $30,000 mark..

   That means his documentary,  “De la Misa a la Montaña —From Mass to the Mountain” can be made and submitted to upcoming film festivals.

   “The next step is working with Lucas, my editor, who I am now able to hire full-time for the next 22 weeks,” he said. “We will watch all of the interviews, watch all the footage, and begin constructing the story I began capturing in 2011.”

   While that will account for the majority of the $30,000 he raised, other funds are going toward additional experts who will refine the footage he shot in Panama.

   “I am also using Kickstarter funds to hire a colorist to touch up the footage and make the 2011 footage match the 2015 footage, and a sound designer to mix interview audio with cutaways, and with soundtrack music that I will need to purchase as well,” Sensenbrenner said.