Freeland Film Festival in Green Lake, Wisconsin

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    Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown, Maryland

    - Ocean City Film Festival in Ocean City, Maryland

    - Christian Film Festival in Newport News, VA

    - Trinity International Film Festival in Detroit, MI

    - St. John Neumann's Church in Austin, TX

    • July 23rd at 10 A.M. in Morris Hall - FREE and open to the public!

    - Wisconsin Public Television broadcast (link is to the full filmmaker's interview)

    • June 23 at 10:00pm

    - Detroit Diocese Screening

    • June 11 at 2:00pm at AMC Star Southfield

    - Villanova University Screening

    • May 18 at 4:00pm at Center for Engineering Education - FREE and open to the public!

    Earth Day Film Festival

    • April 22 in Joshua Tree National Park

    Wisconsin Film Festival  

    • April 1 at 12:30pm at UW Cinematheque - SOLD OUT!

    Beloit International Film Festival

    • February 26 at 2:30pm at Domenicos
    • March 4 at 2:30pm at La Casa Grande

    Weyauwega Film Festival

    • November 11 at 4pm at the Gerold Movie Theater

    - Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

    • October 16 at 8pm at Publika's Black Box Theater

    - Milwaukee Film Festival

    • September 24 at 12:30pm at Avalon Theater - SOLD OUT!

    • September 29 at 7pm at Fox-Bay Cinema - SOLD OUT!

    • October 4 at 3:30 pm at Oriental Theatre

    - Harlem International Film Festival

    • September 16 at 6pm at MIST Harlem Theater